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What We Do

Private, Luxury, Zero Emissions

Scenic Tours around Victoria, BC


Alset Tours include up to six guests per Tesla + pick-up & drop-off at your hotel or port-of-entry

Vineyards & Distilleries

Explore the innovative breweries, distilleries and youthful terroirs of Cowichan, Saanich & Sooke.

Hidden Treasures

Craft Farms & Destination Dining

Eat as local as it gets: visit the growers, producers and purveyors of Vancouver Island's gourmet fare.

Discover exquisite gardens, 

hidden gems and connect with special events, both modern & classic.

Why Tesla Tours?

Why Alset Tours? We Rock!

Hraungler (Obsidian) our new 2016 Tesla Model X

luxury sport SUV transports up to six guests into the future of travel.

Burgundár (Burgundy), our Signature 2012 Tesla Model S 85 luxury sport sedan comfortably seats four guests in hand-crafted style.

Alset Tours are directed by:

Kevin K. J. Belanger, Owner & Driver

Efficient Pick-up & Drop-off

  • door-to-door valet saves time for touring

  • full-day tours with VIP dining & excursions

  • one-way transfer & multi-day (overnight) adventures

Affordable Luxury

  • secure booking & payment: credit, debit, PayPal, Square

  • 10% discounts for shoulder-season, military, AAA/BCAA

  • private, all-inclusive, half-day tours starting at $600 total

  • best value: $150 per person with four guests

  • extend any tour at $150/hr total


    private, custom-tailored tour, tastings & VIP concierge


  • up to 6 guests per Model X SUV, 4 guests per Model S

  • 25% deposit, 10% off multi-vehicle booking

Private & Professionally-Guided

Powered by Sunshine

  • 420+ km all-electric, full-day range 

  • annual solar equivalent of 20K+ km ~ 12K+ miles

  • carbon offset ~25 MWh / 10 metric tons CO2

  • free Supercharging on all Island adventures

We are proud to partner with a growing community of eV-friendly establishments.

Ask us about our eVIP specials.


Email us your favourite eV-friendly destination!

How to Reach Us

Contact Anchor 1

Alset Tours

Cook Street P.O. Box 23070

Victoria, BC V8V 3X0 CANADA

Toll-free: +1.877.789.TSLA (8752)


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